What Can I Do?

Call in to the system from outside the home and control anything and everything.

Virtually control every thing in your home by a wireless microphone attached to your lapel.

Open/close all doors & windows in the home. That included sliding doors and garage doors!

Turn On/Off An Unlimited Number of Lights Inside & Outside

Change channels or adjust volume on your television, cable box or satellite.

Turn security camera’s on/off and monitor security system by receiving voice alerts or notifications.

Activate intercom systems and communicate with someone at the front door or anywhere else inside/outside the home.

Control thermostats, heat and air conditioning systems.

Open/Close & tilt blinds on the windows.

Make hands free phone calls on landline and cell phones. There’s even a speaker phone right next to your bed.

Connect to your cell phones and tablets for added control.

Create Micro’s, which are multi functions using only one word or phrase. Say “WebPilot, let’s watch a movie” and front door locks, shades close, and TV & DVR turns on.

… And That’s Not All. Request A Call & Ask Us What Else WebPilot Can Do!

What If My Internet Goes Out?

Unlike all the other systems out there , WebPilot is server based right in your home, completely isolated from the cloud.

WebPilot is NOT comparable to cloud-based Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Nest or others. Why not? Well, if the Internet goes down (which it will) you have no control of your home with those other products.

  • Maximum Security, Always

    WebPilot boasts of a virus proof dedicated system. Our Internet free system makes it impenetrable for anyone.

  • Back Up Power Supply

    If the power goes out, you’re still left with a reliable and working system. WebPilot comes with a back-up power supply to give you hours of operation if the grid goes out.

What Can Web Pilot Do Outside The Home?

WebPilot has also have developed a one-of-a-kind guidance system to navigate oneself back to the home. A speaker system activated from the wireless microphone attached to you does all the work.

speech bubble door example

What Kind Of Equipment Is Needed?

WebPilot supplies all the equipment to open doors, windows and blinds, control your heat/AC, lights, TV’s, sound systems, bed, and other core features of your smart home. This includes switches, outlets, microphones, tablets, phones, speakers, computer hub, server, software and all the other bells and whistles. We will take an inventory of your existing equipment and work with you to save you money.

Our team is made up of certified WebPilot installers, I.T. professionals, systems training staff, and electricians.

SmartHome Hub by WebPilot

Is This Technology Really Used By The Military?

After the Iraq War started The Veterans Administration Contacted WebPilot to Develop a system more in-tune with soldiers coming back from war.

At the time, the Government equipment was all computer-based. Once we demonstrated our engineering and combined their best technologies with our Advanced Voice Control Home Automation System then the rest was history.

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